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How Does too Much Screen Time Affect Your Child's Physical Health?

How Does too Much Screen Time Affect Your Child's Physical Health?

According to a recent survey, the majority of people in the United States spend almost half of their awake time staring at some sort of device. In addition, seventy-nine percent of respondents reported that they had spent more time in front of a screen in the previous five years. To what extent, though, does the increased use of electronic devices have an impact on our physical well-being?

There are six negative effects that prolonged screen time has on both physical and mental health.


Multiple studies have found that people who spend more time on their phones and computers tend to have more trouble sleeping than those who spend less time doing either. According to studies, the light from your electronic device might interfere with your body's natural production of melatonin, leading your brain to believe that it is still too early for bed.


It is common knowledge that staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time can lead to symptoms such as strained and dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. It was discovered that the prevalence of nearsightedness in the United States has climbed from 25 percent to 41.6 percent in the past 30 years, which may be a result of spending too much time in front of electronic screens and not getting enough natural light.

Weight Gain

Those who are less active and have a higher risk of getting overweight are more likely to spend more time in front of the television.

General good health

Watching television, using computers, or even just using our phones almost always requires us to be seated. It is well recognized that sitting for lengthy periods of time can lead to an increased risk of developing obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some malignancies. When we use electronics for extended periods of time, our natural posture is to lean over, which can cause discomfort in the neck and back.


Children and young people who are more likely to develop attention issues include those who spend significant amounts of time in front of electronic screens.

Social Skills

It has been shown that youngsters spend more time watching movies or surfing the web rather than creating experiences for themselves, which causes them to have less self-confidence. This trend is growing more common as screen time becomes more prominent among children. Because of the absence of face-to-face communication that occurs as a result of the increased use of technology, it appears that some children's social skills are being negatively impacted.

According to recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under the age of two should have no exposure to electronic screens whatsoever, and children aged 2 to 5 should have no more than one hour of screen time each day.


The Question Remains, How Can We Achieve Healthy Habits?

Places Without Cell Phones

Make sure you give yourself time every day to unplug from your phone. In order to increase the amount of time spent with family during meals and to improve the quality of sleep, you should institute a rule that prohibits the use of cellphones in the bedroom and the dining room.

20-20-20 Rule

Take a break of 20 seconds to look at something that is 20 feet away from you every 20 minutes that you spend looking at a screen. This guideline can help reduce the negative impact that extended use of a screen can have on your eyes.

Amusement Away From the Computer or TV

Read a book, put together a puzzle, play a board game, or go for a walk in the fresh air! There is a great deal that may be done that does not require one to be seated in front of a computer or phone for long periods of time. This has the potential to improve not only your physical health but also your emotional health as well!

Keep an eye on your posture.

If you need to glance at your phone or computer, make sure you maintain good posture while doing so. The viewing angle of approximately 15 degrees is considered to be ideal. This will help to lessen the likelihood of experiencing pain in the back or neck. Your posture can be improved with the assistance of a physical therapist.

Chess being played by males.

Because of the increasing prevalence of technology and screens, we have an obligation to recognize the ways in which these factors may be influencing our day-to-day lives and to take the required actions to improve our health habits. For instance, if the discomfort was preventing you from leaving the house and kept you glued to your phone or the television, we may be able to assist you. Because of the extensive training that our team receives, they are experts in a wide variety of fields, and they are able to assist you with any discomfort or injury that you could be experiencing.

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