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How to Backup Text Messages on Android Without Using an App

How to Backup Text Messages on Android Without Using an App

Imagine that your boss texted you tomorrow's extremely important schedule. But you deleted it without reading it by accident. You must request that they resend the message. Can you imagine the impression you will receive? Therefore, the best solution is to back up your messages. However, are you aware of how to back up text messages on Android devices?


Texting has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is one of the most common forms of communication in the modern era. Text messages are a quick, simple, and even enjoyable method of communication. However, what happens if these crucial text messages are deleted? Text message backups can be useful if you delete text messages by accident.

As text messages are convenient, their popularity continues to rise. The majority of our significant conversations are conducted via text message. Even businesses send their messages via text message today. Consequently, you can understand how popular and crucial text messaging have become in our everyday lives.

Where are Android SMS messages stored?

Text messages are kept in SQL format at "/data/data/" on an Android smartphone. However, rooting your Android handset is required to access the text message file.

Using Built-In SMS Backup to back up your Text Messages

The reasons for backing up your SMS messages can vary. Perhaps you wish to clear up space on your mobile device. Or perhaps you wish to recover some of your critical texts if you delete them by accident. Regardless of the reason, you can back up your communications automatically in Google Drive. Android's SMS Backup feature allows users to back up their messages.

After the update to Android 8.1, it is now possible to backup data without using an app. Your Android device automatically backs up all of your data, including your text messages. So that deleted text messages that have been backed up since the original setup can be readily restored.

Instructions for Backing Up Text Messages on Google Drive

Suppose a Finish Setup button will appear at the top of your settings panel. Simply tap the Finish Setup button, and the restoration process will be performed identically to the initial setup. As shown in the image below, you may even choose the items you wish to restore.

And you can restore all of your data, even your SMS messages. Typically, though, it is a manual process that requires no action on your part.

Follow the steps below to manually back up your text messages:

Launch the Settings application on your Android device.

Page down or conduct a search for Accounts. Tap Accounts then.

Tap on Google. If you have several Google accounts, tap the primary account to associate it with your phone.

Choose the text messages to save.

This is how to backup text messages without using an app on Android devices.

Impairments of Integrated SMS Backup

Nevertheless, these backed-up messages expire over time. Even off-device, you cannot read those SMS messages. Even while the built-in automatic system is highly beneficial, its robustness is compromised by the inability to manually initiate the restoration process or see the backed-up data.

Therefore, you can use programs to backup your text messages as an alternative. There are numerous text message backup applications available. SMS Backup+, one of the most popular and convenient programs, is discussed here.

Using SMS Backup+ to back up your Text Messages

SMS Backup+

SMS Backup+ automatically backs up your MMS, SMS, and call history in Google Calendar and Gmail with a distinct label. Then, you can recover the phone's saved data. It is helpful, particularly when switching to a new device.

You must manually activate IMAP access in Gmail. By utilizing your IMAP server for backups, you have complete control over your data. SMS Backup+ is a completely free, ad- and tracking-free open-source project.

SMS Backup+ Text Message Backup Procedures

Follow the steps below to configure SMS Backup+:

The initial step is enabling IMAP access in Gmail. Open Gmail. Select Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP Forwarding and POP/IMAP functionality. Select "Enable IMAP" Now click the Save button.

The second step is to set a password for the SMS Backup+ application. Go to your Google account settings or click this link: Choose "App passwords" You will then be redirected to re-enter your login credentials.

In the drop-down menu, choose "Other" from the list on the far left. Then, assign the password a name.

Simply click the "Generate" button. Google will offer you a randomly created sixteen-character password.

Install the SMS Backup+ app now on your Android device. Launch the app. Tap "Custom IMAP Server" after accessing "Advanced Settings."

Now you must configure your IMAP. Select "Authentication" Select "Plain text" then. You are permitted to input your information.

The following step is to click "Server address." The server address should be set to Select "OK" It allows the app to determine where to log in. Tap "Username" and then enter your Gmail address. Tap "Password" and enter the app password you created in Google settings previously. Tap then "OK" In the Settings, you may verify that the Security setting is set to TLS.

Now you are finished. Return to the app's main screen. Your application should be operational. Now you can back up your text messages automatically.


As text messages are a crucial means of communication, it is necessary to back them up in case of inadvertent deletion. So that you can backup your text messages, Google Drive has an SMS Backup feature that automatically backs up all of your text messages. The lack of a manual restoration and viewing process is the biggest shortcoming of the SMS backup feature.

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