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What are Social Media Scheduling Tools? | Top 6 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

What are Social Media Scheduling Tools? | Top 6 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

This blog discusses social media scheduling tools and the most effective tools for tracking and analyzing social media success.

According to Backlinko, more than half of the world's population uses social media or 50.64 per cent. Why do so many people utilize social media? The solution is straightforward. Social media have brought everything to our fingertips. It contains an infinite quantity of content that can keep us engaged for hours.

It also implies that you can demonstrate your talent to many individuals. You can generate captivating material and attract followers. Now, if you produce an abundance of material, your chances of appearing in the feed of a potential lead are increased by a factor of two. Here, a social media scheduler may be useful.

What are Social Media Scheduling Applications? Why are Social Media Scheduling Tools necessary?

Social Media Scheduling Tools are applications that allow you to schedule posts across various social media networks. It facilitates your participation in social media even when you are offline.

Time and tides will not wait for you, and this fast-paced world will not halt for you either. As Information and Technology dominate the world, ever more manual labour is being performed by machines.

With so many clients, so many accounts, a hectic schedule, and so little time, it is imperative that you maintain the social media profiles of your clients with finesse.

We should utilize social media scheduling tools for this reason.

Best Social Media Scheduling Applications

Here are some popular social media scheduling apps, evaluated based on their features, price, and client reviews.

Social Pilot

social pilot is a social media planning application

Social Pilot is one of the most well-known social media scheduling solutions available on the market. It is the only media tool that allows posting on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, Google My Business, etc.

It has numerous features, each of which is aimed to simplify social media schedules, hence enhancing marketing. Social Pilot also offers its consumers support via email, SMS, phone, or any other method they find most comfortable.

Social Pilot is relatively inexpensive. The membership plan for three people is $50.

Characteristics of Social Pilot

Monitor and analyze social media performance

Creates unique content for multiple social media networks

Rapidly generates White Label reports. White labelling is the process of adding your brand to another company's products in order to offer your customers a consistent picture.

Utilize collaborative tools for team member management.

Bulk scheduling for 500 post uploads

Create advertisements and utilize them to promote posts.

You can easily manage the social media accounts of several clients.

Compatible with native phone applications

Utilize RSS feed automation for blog sharing.

Shortening URLs to increase click-through rates.


Hootsuite is a scheduling tool for social networking

With over 16 million users globally, Hootsuite has been on the market for quite some time. It is a social media scheduling tool utilized by enterprises. It supports popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others.

Compared to other platforms, Hootsuite is somewhat difficult to use. Hootsuite's pricing structure is prohibitively expensive for small enterprises. Therefore, we advise small organizations to utilize alternatives to HootSuite.

The cost of Hootsuite's subscription package for five users is $599.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the Hootsuite social media scheduler



Hootsuite offers a social streams tool that enables you to engage with clients more actively and manage your social media profiles directly from the dashboard of Hootsuite.

In addition, it offers an account-specific social media analytics function that allows you to track outcomes by time period and develop content based on social media reports.

Hootsuite's directory provides access to more than 150 apps for efficient collaboration.


Small businesses cannot afford Hootsuite's subscription prices, thus they cannot utilize this social media planner.

Due to the cumbersome dashboard, Hootsuite is difficult to use for beginning users.

It offers many capabilities, but you must pay for account-specific social media analytics features, URL shortening services, and bespoke reports, among others.

Customer service is not always accessible, and you must pay for more assistance.


Sendible is an all-inclusive social media management software that helps sole proprietors and agencies market and manage their businesses. You can schedule and publish posts individually or in bulk, keeping them in a queue.

It also features "Smart Posts" functionality. Utilize this function while creating material to add appropriate descriptions, emoticons, and hashtags. Additionally, you can schedule social media posts offline and publish them in bulk to the social media calendar.

Sendible provides its services based on the number of users and services you employ. You can modify it to your liking. The price begins at $29 per month or $288 per year.

The following are some of the capabilities of the Sendible social media scheduling tool:

Post material individually or in bulk

Plan a campaign outside of the scheduler and then import it in bulk.

Content is grouped into campaigns and scheduled on a distinct queue.

Recycle postings through recurring scheduling

RSS Feed Auto Posting function for content production and distribution

Monitor and modify material according to the social media schedule that is dynamic.


Agorapulse is a tool with superior scheduling capabilities. You can schedule posts in advance and select to publish once, on repeat, or frequently.

With Agropulse, you can publish your evergreen content on a recurring basis and utilize "queue categories" to arrange and categorize the posts according to the time slots and subjects.

Agorapulse is extremely configurable and cheap for businesses of all sizes. It has two available plans:

Offers three user accounts and one user at no cost.

Paid: Beginning at $99/month or $79/month (if you pay annually)

Among the features of the Agorapulse scheduler are the following:

Share evergreen content on a recurring basis using the queue function.

Organize and classify posts according to time windows and topic.

You can develop, distribute, and approve content using team workflow.

Agorapulse is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Upload many items in a single CSV file.


Buffer is a social media marketing application that serves a range of functions. The primary function of Buffer is to compose and schedule social media posts for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. It also includes social networking and surveillance capabilities.

There are three distinct feature categories with varying pricing ranges. If you register for all three, you can connect them.

Buffer Publish: Here, you may schedule all of your content's social media distribution.

This feature of Buffer Response is targeted at large organizations. It assists in monitoring brand-related conversations on social sites.

Here, you may evaluate all the stuff you share on social media platforms. You can examine each platform individually or all the data collected.

The cost of Buffer's subscription plan for five users is $99.

Some advantages and disadvantages of Buffer are:


The dashboard of Buffer is user-friendly, making it simple for novice users.

Customer service is prompt and responsive.

You can modify the posts and schedules for various social media channels to your liking.


Buffer currently permits the scheduling of 2,000 social media posts for 25 social media accounts, which is insufficient for major businesses.

It lacks an "Information Curation" feature that helps users discover new and fresh content.

To use Buffer Reply and Buffer Analyze, additional fees must be paid on top of the cost of Buffer Publish.

Social media marketing platform Sprout

sprout social

Sprout Social is a business solution with capabilities such as personalized reports, in-depth data analytics, and an intelligent mailbox. It supports several social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Through in-depth data analytics, it can assist you in enhancing your performance. This function allows you to track and monitor the performance of any piece of material you share on social media.

Sprout Social's subscription package is 149 dollars per user each month.

Among the benefits and drawbacks of Sprout Social are:


Sprout Social facilitates the grouping of team members for improved collaboration.

Its bot builder allows you to create and manage Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Support teams can utilize Sprout Social to connect systems like Zendesk, Hubspot, and UserVoice without leaving the dashboard to answer user problems.


Sprout Social is highly costly, as it costs each invitee.

There is no connectivity with visual media networks such as YouTube for the fee.

It lacks a single chatbox, so you must switch between different social networking platforms separately.

To Sum Up

Social media scheduling tools facilitate the expansion of your business via social media.

There are numerous scheduling tools for social media from which to choose. Different tools offer various functionality at varying costs. Therefore, it is preferable to use a tool that will benefit you in the long run.

The majority of the products are available for a free trial, so take your time and explore various options. When you find a tool that meets your needs and provides benefits, choose it.

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