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T-SPY Signal Messenger Spy App-Spy on Signal Chats

Signal Tracker Has The Powerful Monitoring Features

Spy on Signal. Signal spy app has powerful monitoring features. View all incoming and outgoing Signal messages and other activities.

  • T-SPY has designed a Signal Messenger Spy that lets you read all the Signal Messenger chats remotely. Just download T-SPY on any Android device and start monitoring Signal Messenger of your children or employees. T-SPY provides an unparalleled social media monitoring that no other spy app could even think of!

Signal Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software with over 250+tools at your fingertips

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Why T-SPY Signal App Spy Software is on Unique?

Real-Time Updates
3 Minute Installation
Covert Operations
Antivirus Proof
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How To Monitor Signal Messenger Chats Via T-spy?

Watch the video and find out how you can monitor Signal Messenger chats in just under 5 minutes.

“Hidden Signal Tracker”

What is T-SPY Signal Messenger spy?

View Call Logs

Get access to incoming, outgoing and missed calls logs with date, time and call-duration stamps of every call.

View Text Messages

Read all sent and received text messages on the monitored cell phone with date, time and contact details

Watchlist Contacts

Get alerts on specific caller(s) and protect your kids from being contacted by pedophiles or bullies.


More than 86% of cellphone devices worldwide are having the Android & IOS operating system. The parent's responsibility is to protect kids from cyber bullying and porn addiction. So, the parents need to use a spy app.

Track GPS Location

Current Location

Recheck where they are at a certain point in time with Signal’s accurate current location tracking.

Location History

Need more than just the current location details? Dive into every tiny move with location history logs.

Monitor Specific Locations

Don’t want to be preoccupied with every move? Monitor specific locations with Signal geofencing.

Track GPS Location

Sent and Received Emails

Read all emails received or sent from the default mailbox on the target device.

Gmail App Emails

Access emails from the Gmail App configured on all Android & iPhone.

Get Alerts on Specific Words

Gets alerts on specific words in text messages, emails and IM chats.

Not all Signal Messenger spy apps are created equal

“Why spying on Signal is important?”

“Signal Messenger spy Android & iPhone”

WHY SPY ON Signal Messenger?

Our Signal Messenger spy software is fully functional with every aforementioned already available when you download T-SPY. Try our discreet Signal Messenger spy for Android and iPhone and see for yourself how good are we at this. Spy Messenger conversations like no other, only with T-SPY.

Signal and Parental Control

  • With its chat bubbles and quirky nuances, Signal Messenger is turning out to be a huge success, but not for our kids’ focus or employees’ productivity.

  • Kids are engaging in inappropriate chats online while employees are killing their time quite conveniently using Signal and other social networking apps using their office-owned phones.
  • Over 1 billion messages are sent every month using Signal Messenger; one of those could an online predator’s text to your child.
  • Signal Messenger has seen an 89% increase in its popularity amongst teens since 2013.
  • Social media is turning out to be a significant hub for child cyberbullying and online harassment because of its popularity amongst young people.
  • When you spy on Signal messenger, you provide a better digital space to your kids.
  • With its interactive interface, Gif keyboards and stunning emojis, Signal Messenger is employees’ favorite pastime at work.

  • Our Signal Messenger spy software is fully functional with every aforementioned already available when you download T-SPY. Try our discreet Signal Messenger spy for Android and iPhone and see for yourself how good are we at this. Spy Messenger conversations like no other, only with T-SPY.

    Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

    Still not sure about something or want to have more information on features and compatibility? Click on the icons below to get the relevant info about your problems and get them resolved in an instant!

    Access Instant Messenger Chats and Multimedia

    Social media spy app empowers you to monitor social networks on Android & iPhone.

    • Spy on all social media activities on mobiles and tablets
    • Track sent/received messages and chat conversations
    • Monitor your teen’s secret and hidden activities on social media
    • Protect teens from cyber predators available on digital social world
    • Get to know whether employees are wasting time on social media apps on business owned devices
    • Use T-SPY web portal to perform tracking activities on cell phone and tablets

    T-SPY knows the importance of tracking social media of your family or even employees, and that’s why, it has one of most extensive instant messaging monitoring. With T-SPY, you can read instant messages and even view photos on select IM apps.

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    User-Friendly Installation:

    Works on All Available Devices & OS

    • Compatibility with Android versions 4.4.4, 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.1, 10, 11, 12 is supported.

    • It is compatible with iOS devices running versions 7 to 15.1. Additionally, it supports iOS devices such as iPads and many others.
    • Windows OS. Sneak into Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, LG or any Windows PC
    • Monterey, Big Sur , Catalina ,Mojave , High Sierra ,Sierra ,El Capitan ,Yosemite , Mavericks ,Mountain Lion

    Supported OS:

    • Windows OS - MAC OS - IOS - Android

    Common Questions:

    Using T-SPY, you can export Social chats or other monitored data to your computer or any off-site location quite conveniently using your T-SPY web account.

    T-SPY automatically uploads all Social Messenger chats to your web account, so all you need is a valid T-SPY subscription to get started.

    T-SPY requires one-time access to the target device to setup the application; after which, you can remotely spy on Social Messenger chats from anywhere using T-SPY’s webpage-based control panel.